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Female Singing Into A Wireless Mic Performing Live On Stage

Wireless Microphone Systems for Live Performances

Live performances, where every note and word needs to be captured with precision, wireless microphones stand as a testament to technological advancement, offering unparalleled freedom and audio quality. Replacing the traditional tethered approach, these systems consist of three key components:…

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How Does a Sound Level Meter Work?

A sound level meter (sometimes referred to as a sound pressure level meter, decibel meter, or noise meter) is a tool that measures changes in air pressure. Sound level meters typically have four components: a microphone, a preamplifier, a signal…

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How Does a Loudspeaker Work?

Loudspeakers, also known as transducers or drivers, come in various sizes and styles. Their purpose is to turn electrical audio signals into acoustical sound waves that we can hear. The most common design type is the moving coil loudspeaker. It…

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How to Clean a Headphone Jack

Similar to any other electronic device, audio equipment requires some general maintenance to continue working as designed. Unless your headphones or earbuds remain plugged into your device all the time, the jack is probably going to accumulate some dust and…

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