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How to Acoustically Treat a Room

So you want to turn some untreated room in your home or other random building into a professional mixing and recording environment, but you probably don’t have an unlimited budget to get it done. Regardless, it’s still possible to acoustically…

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Bluetooth Goes Pro with Galaxy Audio’s “JACKS in the BOX” Receivers

The JIB/BT4R and JIB/BT8R bring Bluetooth convenience and flexibility to pro-audio applications. Professional wireless audio has never been this simple! Just connect a single JIB/BT4R, dual system JIB/BT4RS, or stereo JIB/BT8R to your audio system and pair it to a phone, tablet, or any other Bluetooth® audio player to stream high-quality Bluetooth audio to a mixer or powered…

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The AS-950 Wireless Personal Monitor Is a Frequency-Agile Performer

With a choice of headset or lavalier mics that are compact, light-weight in design, and with 2.4GHz digital wireless performance, Galaxy Audio’s new Galaxy Trek is a high-quality affordable wireless microphone solution for multiple applications. The Galaxy Trek’s GT-R Receiver, included with both the GT-V Lavalier and the GT-S Headset system, plugs into the 3.5mm headphone jack…

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