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Providing quality, reliable, affordable professional audio products designed to fill industry gaps and deliver straightforward solutions.
EVO-E Wireless Headset
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CTS Series Wireless Microphone System (UHF) 920 Channel Tour Grade
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Providing quality, reliable, affordable professional audio products designed to fill industry gaps and deliver straightforward solutions.
GT-INST-1 Wireless Disk Transducer
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Traveler 10 All-Inclusive Battery Powered Portable Wireless PA Systems
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Providing quality, reliable, affordable professional audio products designed to fill industry gaps and deliver straightforward solutions.

Portable Wireless PA Sound Systems

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Link to the Traveler Builder to help you Customize Your Wireless Portable PA System with the Wireless Mics and Media Players you Need.Portable Wireless PA Sound Systems

Make your sound go further indoors or out. On the road or for events or classes, these “all-in-one” portable wireless PA systems are workhorses that Get. It. Done. They offer superior audio quality and reliable performance time after time. AC or battery power means the sound doesn’t stop.

You can customize your portable PA Speaker system with optional wireless microphones like—handheld, headset, lapel/lav, or a combo—plus a variety of plug-and-play media players and accessories for the TV8 and TV10. Build your portable sound system just the way you want with the Traveler Builder!

Choose a Portable PA System (there are only a few left in stock and when these are gone the TV5X will be discontinued)

A Compact Option

A compact 40 to 60-watt amp will work great for small crowds and venues, such as intimate religious services, parties, and classrooms. The TV5X Traveler Portable Battery-Powered Speaker is a lightweight option that’s easy to tote anywhere. 

It features a battery life of around 6.5 to 11 hours and can be run from AC power too. The system can be configured with up to two UHF wireless microphones and is also Bluetooth-compatible. It has a 1/4″ mic input and a 1/8″ input and output.

Get Great Vocal and Music Coverage Plus the Professional Features that are also economical with TQ8X

Easily take this 19-pound, 150-watt, batteries included or AC-powered PA system to the track and field, gymnasium, coffee shop gig, or family BBQ. With its built-in handle and speaker pole mount you can position it for optimal performance. With built-in voice priority you can add an element of speaking to your crowd or group and have any music or media automatically decreased so your voice can be heard loud and clear. Versatile wireless mic options can be added separately like GTU and EVO. GTU gives you the option to add up to two UHF or 2.4 GHz mics simultaneously. Other features include a 3-band EQ with main volume control, two XLR 1/4″ combo inputs with their own volume controls, and an AUX 1/8″ input with shared volume control. 

All-In-One PA System with Coverage for Larger Crowds

For larger events, the TV8 and TV10 Traveler All-Inclusive PA Systems are a great fit for the job. The TV8 can cover crowds of around 600 people with its 120 Watts Both TV8 and TV10 can link to other Traveler systems for even further reach with an optional Audio Link Transmitter. Both speakers have a battery life of between 7.5 and 16 hours, depending on the program. The plug-in modular design allows optional function modules such as wireless mic receivers, audio players, and audio link modules, which allow audio transmission between interlinked Traveler systems without external patches.

Some PA systems must perform various tasks and still have powerful output. Apart from their 120 and 150-watt output, the Galaxy Audio Travelers TV8 with 8” woofer  TV10 with 10″ woofer and 1″ horn also includes four inputs, each with its own volume controls, a 2-band equalizer, and main volume control, Bluetooth, and Voice Priority. The Voice priority button automatically reduces music volume when speaking through a wireless or wired mic.

The plugin’s modular design allows for additional audio options through other devices, such as USB MP3 media and CD players with pre-selected playlists. The entire setup can be wireless.

Battery Life

You can’t have your wireless sound system dying during a gig. You don’t have to worry about that with the Traveler series as all systems are also battery-powered with the TQ8X Traveler Quest 8X Economical Portable Rechargeable PA Speaker System boasting a long battery life of up to 24 hours. The PA system may be operated while the batteries are charging, and a full charge from empty takes around 7 to 8 hours. 

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