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Save Space with a Galaxy DHXR4, Four Wireless Mic Receiver

The Galaxy Audio DHXR4 is a single space rack mount quad receiver chassis, loaded with 4 independent UHF diversity wireless mic receivers. Each receiver features an LCD display, Auto Scan, IR Sync, 120 selectable channels and AF/RF indicators. The receivers have also been improved with Tone-key squelch for improved rejection of outside interference. The chassis has an individual balanced XLR output for each receiver, and a mix output (balanced XLR and unbalanced ¼” jacks). The mix output provides a mixed signal from all of the receivers, based on the individual volume control settings. The internal antenna distribution system allows the 2 detachable antennas to serve all of the receivers. In addition, the DHXR4 chassis provides power to all 4 receivers while occupying only 1 AC outlet. The DHXR4 is perfect for churches, schools, and any live sound application. This unit will save you at least 2 full spaces in your rack.

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