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Galaxy Audio Introduces New DSPOT Digital Signal Processors

Galaxy Audio is proud to announce the new DSPOT line of Digital Signal Processors. These DSP allow the user to manage and clarify the sound produced in their speaker system in both fixed installation and live sound applications. Easy to use and only one rack space, the DSPOT series is loaded with features designed to optimize your loudspeaker system, all accessible via USB and the software architecture or the front panel.

There are six models in the DSPOT line: two full Speaker Management Systems, two Equalizer models, and two Compressor/Limiters. The Speaker Management Systems feature a 3 in, 6 out (DS-SP36) and a 2 in, 4 out (DS-SP24) with Parametric EQ, Delay, Limiting, Polarity and more. The two EQ are a full 30- band EQ (DS-EQ230) and a 15-band EQ (DS-EQ215), both which have Compression, Delay and Limiting among other features. The Compressor models (DS-CP22 & DS-CP25) are 2 in, 2 out, and the DS-CP25 has multiband compression.

Street Price:

DS-CP22 $ 229.99

DS-CP25 $ 499.99

DS-EQ215 $ 229.99

DS-EQ230 $ 499.99

DS-SP24 $ 499.99

DS-SP36 $ 799.99

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