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TV-DREC Dual Receiver for the Traveler TV10 Portable PA Systems




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Dual Receiver for the Traveler TV10 Portable PA Systems will allow you to use two wireless microphones with one receiver card.

This now means that with two Dual Channel Receivers loaded into your Traveler System, you can operate up to FOUR wireless mics at one time!
With Dual Volume controls, you can easily set the wireless microphones, and with 96 selectable frequencies each, you are sure to find that the Dual Receiver will work great for your next event.

  • Dual Receiver in a Single Module
  • TV-DREC Works With the TV10 Model
  • 96 Selectable Channels
  • Channel Selector
  • RF and AF Indicator
  • Volume Control
  • LCD Display
  • Easy Aftermarket Installation

Manual ( PDF - 1.42 MB )

Reviews (1)

1 review for TV-DREC Dual Receiver for the Traveler TV10 Portable PA Systems

  1. John Strohsnitter

    I have previously written about how well designed the Traveler TV10 (and therefore the TV8 and TV 5 series portable self contained PA systems) are, after my purchase of 2 very used TV10s. These are the Best of the Best.

    The TV-DREC Receivers allow you to add the Traveler TVHH handheld mic and TVMBP bodypack for lav and headset mics. In addition, one of the 2 channels on the TV-DREC can be used to receive the signal from the TVTX transmitter installed in another Traveler TV10 or TV8, or from the Stand-alone AS-TXRM, allowing for a completely self contained wireless system. All of these devices are great performers. I use this equipment for outdoor worship services (Catholic Mass with a choir), where battery power, quick setup / takedown and completely wireless operation are essential.

    Granted, these units are not inexpensive, but the cheap no-name (and some brand name) stuff on the internet are toys compared to Galaxy Audio in general and the Traveler TV Line in particular.

    Installing the TV-DREC or TV-REC is very easy. Disassembly of the Traveller PA System is not required. One only has to power the Traveller PA Unit down, remove the cover plate or existing module (usually a single channel TV-REC) from the module bay where you intend to install the module, by removing the 4 Phillips screws. The new TV-DREC may contain a small extension connector. This is used with the TV10. Install this extender if not already installed, then merely slide the module, board end first in the groves of the module cavity, press in, and install screws. Power up, match channels between mic and TV-DREC, adjust volume and you are on line!

    The TV10 and TV8 can accept 2 of these modules, allowing for 4 mics or 3 mics and receiving a channel from the TVTX or TXRM Transmitters. These are 96 channel receivers, allowing for frequencies between 514 and 544 MHz. These frequencies are in the Digital TV UHF Band between Channels 21 through 26. I have had to operate on frequencies ocupied by locally receivable TV stations, but if the distance between the mic and receiver was less than 25 feet, there was no issue. On clear channels (a frequency where there is no interference from local reception of a Digital TV channel), the distance between mic and receiver can be much greater.

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