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TV5-DREC Dual Receiver Single Module Works With Traveler TV8 & TV5X Models




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Dual Wireless Receiver for the Traveler Portable PA Systems will allow you to use two wireless microphones with one receiver card.

This means, with two Dual Channel Receivers loaded into your Traveler System, you can operate up to FOUR wireless mics at one time!

With Dual Volume controls, you can easily set the wireless microphones, and with 96 selectable frequencies each, you are sure to find that the Dual Receiver will work great for your next event.

  • Dual Receiver in a Single Module
  • TV5-DREC Works With TV8, TV5i, & TV5X Models
  • 96 Selectable Channels
  • Channel Selector
  • RF and AF Indicator
  • Volume Control
  • LCD Display
  • Easy Aftermarket Installation

Manual ( PDF - 15.75 MB )

Reviews (1)

1 review for TV5-DREC Dual Receiver Single Module Works With Traveler TV8 & TV5X Models

  1. John J. Strohsnitter

    The TV-REC and TV=DREC are upgrades to the Traveler TV5, TV8 and TV10 that can be easily added, the only tool needed being a Philips Head screwdriver. These receivers add professional wireless mic capability to the Traveler PA. Wireless Body Pack with lavalier or headset mic and a wireless handheld mic are available. Adding 2 of the TV-DREC units to a TV8 or TV10 allow the use of up to 4 wireless Mics. In addition, adding a TV-REC or TV-DREC to a traveler PA allows reception of an Audio Link from another Traveler TV8 or TV10 that is equipped with the TVTX Audio Link module, or from a standalone AS-TXRM Audio Link transmitter. No other manufacturer that I know of offers this flexibility. To top it off, the Traveler TV10, TV8 and TV5 are bulletproof!

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