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JIB/MM Audio Microphone Mixer (Discontinued)


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This product has been discontinued!

  • +24V Phantom Power
  • 7 Input/4 Channel Microphone Mixer
  • Headphone Output with Volume
  • Multiple Outputs
  • Metal Construction
  • Portable – Runs off of 2 AA Batteries*
  • High Gain/Wide Dynamic Range

The Galaxy Audio JIB/MM (Multi Mixer) is a great tool for live sound, home recording, field recording, audio/video, and many others. This audio microphone mixer unit features 4 inputs; Chan 1&2: XLR/1/4″ combo w/ 20dB pad, Chan 3: Stereo RCA and Stereo 1/8″ mini (3.5mm), Chan 4: Stereo RCA. Each channel has its own volume control. 

The JIB/MM also features numerous outputs; XLR, 1/4″, stereo RCA, and a stereo headphone output with a volume control. The “Mic/Line switch” located between the XLR and 1/4″ Balanced Mono Outputs allows for selecting either a “Mic Level” Balanced Mono Output or a “Line Level” Balanced Mono Output. 

The JIB/MM will run off of 2 AA batteries for about 5 hours or an optional DC power supply (JIB/UA4.5-14). The JIB/MM will supply +24V phantom power to microphones. 

The JIB/MM is great for: 

  • Adding inputs to an existing mixer by creating a sub-mix of two or more sources before sending the signals to the main mixer or powered speaker. 
  • Serving as a sophisticated cable adapter that not only adapts the connector type but also provides the correct impedance with adjustable level control. 
  • Serving as the main mixer for solo or duo acts as well as AV presentations. 
  • As a mixer for rehearsals when its impractical to set up the entire PA. 
  • Interfacing pro audio gear with consumer audio gear. 
  • Battery operation allows remote location use where AC power is unavailable. 
  • As an emergency back-up mixer to have along just in case. 

Great for Use in Churches, Schools, and Bands.


Universal Power Adaptor JIB/UA4.5-14

Galaxy Audio is proud to introduce a new problem solver to its Audio Solutions line, the Universal Power Adaptor. The JIB/UA4.5-14 supplies 4.5v DC, at 1A to many of the new products in our Jacks In The Box line as well as most CD and MP3 players using the common 4mm barrel plug with center positive. The UPA comes with 4 different AC plug adaptors, and will accept any input voltage from 100 to 240v AC, 50-60Hz, which means it will work in nearly every country on the planet.

CHANNEL 1 & 2  
Mic Input Type XLR/ 1/4" combo
Mic Input Impedance 4k (2k with pad)
Mic Input Sensitivity Minimum: 3mV RMS (-51dBV) (Without Pad)
Nominal: 22mV RMS (-33dBV)
Mic Max Input Level Pad Off: 649mV RMS (-3.8dBV)
Pad On: 6.5V RMS (16.3dBV)
Mic Input Pad 20dB
Mic Input Phantom Power +24V
Line Input Type 1/4" TRS
Line Input Impedance 10k
Line Input Sensitivity Minimum: 14mV RMS (-37.2dBV)
Nominal: 112mV RMS (-19dBV)
Line Max Input Level 3.2V RMS (10dBV)
Input Type Left/Right RCA, 1/8" TRS
Input Impedance 15k Min
Input Sensitivity Minimum: 159mV RMS (-16dBV)
Nominal: 495mV RMS (-6.1dBV)
Max Input Level 15.8V RMS (+24dBV)
Input Type Left/Right RCA
Input Impedance 15k Min
Input Sensitivity Minimum: 159mV RMS (-16dBV)
Nominal: 495mV RMS (-6.1dBV)
Max Input Level 15.8V RMS (+24dBV)
Main RCA Stereo Outputs Nominal Output Level: 1V RMS (0dBV)
Maximum Output: 2.9V RMS (9.2dBV)
Mono Outputs Nominal Line Level Output: 1V RMS (0dBV)
Maximum Line Level Output: 2.9V RMS (9.2dBV)

Nominal Mic Level Output: 32mV RMS (-30dBV)
Maximum Mic Level Output: 99mV RMS (-20.8dBV)

Headphone Power Output 30mW Stereo @ 32 Ohm
THD 0.01% (22Hz - 22kHz @ Nominal Volume)
S/N >80dB
Power Supplied By 2 AA Batteries (Alkaline)
Typical Battery Life About 5 Hours (Alkaline)
DC In Requirements 4.5VDC (regulated), 500mA minimum
Barrel Plug 4 mm (O.D.) and 1.74 mm( I.D.), center positive
Dimensions 7.2" x 4" x 2.1" (182.4 x 102.3 x 53 mm) (HxWxD)
Weight 36.33 oz (1,030 g)
Compatible Galaxy Audio AC Adapter JIB/UA4.5-14
Manual ( PDF - 0.3 MB )
Cut Sheet ( PDF - 0.18 MB )
Illustration of Use ( PDF - 0.74 MB )
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