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The PA6SR has all of the great features of the PA6S, plus a built in wireless receiver. The wireless option can be used in many ways:

  1. With a handheld mic or a body pack transmitter with a headset/lavalier mic. The PA6SR will receive signals from one of the optional transmitters. This is very convenient for performers, teachers, or A/V presentations.
  2. The receiver option may be used in conjunction with our AS-TXRM table top/rack mount transmitter. This allows a signal to be wirelessly transmitted to the PA6SR from a remote source. 

Whether you are transmitting your church service to an overflow or cry room, a DJ needing to get sound in a remote location, transmitting your monitor mix to the stage, or using the receiver to pick up your wireless microphone signal, you will love the convenience of not having to run the extra cable to patch signals.

With over 30 years of building compact PA systems, Galaxy Audio built the PA6S/PA6SR with the user in mind. It is designed to cover a multitude of applications and provide the power to handle nearly any situation. A new amplifier, new 2 way speaker system, lighter weight, more power output, and great built in features make the PA6S the best sounding, lightest, and most powerful compact PA system on the market.

The PA6SR has a built in 170 watt amplifier designed to handle the most demanding audio situations. This high tech Class D amplifier produces plenty of power to cover a wide variety of applications. This design allows the PA6SR to function both as a stand-alone PA system and as a high-powered vocal monitor to cut through loud stage volumes. For larger gigs that require more coverage, you may simply patch from the Preamp Output to the main house PA, while using the PA6SR as your onstage monitor.

The PA6SR also features a built in 18dB Compressor/Limiter circuit with Compressor and Clip LEDs. The Compressor acts to smooth out transient peaks in the signals, thus improving overall sound quality and increasing apparent volume. The Limiter helps protect the woofer and tweeter from being damaged by amplifier distortion. The Clip LED indicates when a reduction in volume is recommended.

  • 2-Way Speaker System
  • 6.5″ Neodymium Woofer
  • 1.5″ Titanium Dome Tweeter
  • Built-in Wireless Receiver 
  • 170 Watt Amplifier
  • 3 Inputs (2-XLR/1/4″ Combos, One 1/8″)
  • Mounts to Any Mic Stand
  • Integrated Handle, Mounting Points for Mic Boom & Bracket
  • Built In Compressor/Limiter
  • XLR Pass Thru On Channels 1 & 2
  • The PA6SR design includes a wireless receiver and a convenient mic stand insert on the bottom of the unit. This allows far a quick setup on top of a mic stand, with the PA6SR angled upward for accurate vocal monitoring.
  • The included mic stand adaptor insures a more stable and secure placement on any mic stand.
  • Molded-in bracket points. With the optional bracket assembly the PA6SR can be mounted to a wall or ceiling, or attached to a mic stand and angled in any direction.
  • Microphone boom mount on top of the PA6SR eliminates the need for a second mic stand for your microphone. (Requires optional hardware). 
  • Integrated handle into the top of the enclosure.
  • Built in Compressor/Limiter prevents output distortion.
  • -20dB pad switches on each XLR input allow high-level signals without distortion.
  • 3 band EQ (High, Mid, Low) to adjust the sound to what you want to hear.
  • Pass through on each channel acts as a built in splitter to send signals to a mixer snake or another PA6S.
  • Two way speaker system: 6.5″ neodymium high power woofer and 1.5″ high efficiency Neolite tweeter allows for wider frequency response.
  • 170 watt Class D amplifier.
  • Light weight: Innovative speaker and amplifier designs actually allowed us to reduce the weight of the PA6SR from its predecessors, while improving the performance.

“My friend and I stand in awe of the sheer power emanating form this tiny object form a force called ‘Galaxy.’”

Rubén Valtierra
Keyboard Director w/Weird Al Yankovic since 1991

“After years of wishing for a small powered speaker for my small private gigs and rehearsals, my dreams have been answered a hundredfold. The Galaxy PA6S is simply the best small monitoring system that I have ever heard that is on the market today.

I am able to play 6-7 note Full piano chords, organ and synth leads at sustained high levels without ANY distortion, yet maintaining a brilliant clarity that fills rooms much larger than I thought capable of. Nothing… I mean NOTHING, gets close!

I am a Galaxy fan for Life!”

Rubén Valtierra
Keyboard Director w/Weird Al Yankovic since 1991



The PA6SRSK9 system includes a wireless receiver (PA6SR), wireless bodypack (TVMBP), headset mic (HS-U3BK) and a convenient mic stand insert on the bottom of the unit. This allows a quick setup on top of a mic stand, with the PA6SR angled upward for accurate vocal monitoring.

Additional products in this configuration:


The PA6SRVK9 system includes a wireless receiver (PA6SR), wireless bodypack (TVMBP), lapel/lavalier mic (LV-U3BK) and a convenient mic stand insert on the bottom of the unit. This allows a quick setup on top of a mic stand, with the PA6SR angled upward for accurate vocal monitoring.

Additional products in this configuration:


The PA6SRHK9 system includes a wireless receiver (PA6SR), wireless hand held microphone (TVHH) and a convenient mic stand insert on the bottom of the unit. This allows a quick setup on top of a mic stand, with the PA6SR angled upward for accurate vocal monitoring.

Additional products in this configuration:


MBA Mic Boom Adaptor

MIC BOOM ADAPTOR: mounts to the top of a PA6BT, PA6S, PA6SR or HS7. The MBA microphone boom and speaker mount adapter allows most microphone booms to be mounted on the top of the Hot Spot to eliminate the need for a stand for the Hot Spot and a stand for the microphone and boom. Works With 3/8" & 1/2" mic boom.

Hot Spot Yoke Bracket / Wall Mount YBHS

Yoke Mounting Bracket and hardware kit for HS7 and PA6BT/PA6S/PA6SR. Will allow for mounting to wall or mic stand (MSA-1 stand adaptor not included with bracket, but is included with the HS7 & PA6BT/PA6S/PA6SR)

  • Works with HS7 and PA6BT/PA6S/PA6SR Models
  • Bracket can Mount to Walls or Ceilings
  • Mount Vertically or Horizontally to Microphone Stand if used with the MSA-1 Adaptor (included with HS7 & PA6BT/PA6S/PA6SR)
  • Multiple Mounting Points for Tight Spaces and Reduced Visibility


Spun aluminum mic stand adapter with 5/8" Female thread insert and 3/8" female threaded insert at opposite end.

The MSA-1 will mount a unit to any microphone stand. Works with all HOT SPOT MONITORS.

TVMBP Wireless Microphone Body Pack for Traveler 5, 8 & 10

Body pack transmitter for the Traveler series (TV5XTV8, and TV10)

  • 96 Selectable Channels
  • Channel Selector
  • LCD Display 
  • Built-in-Antenna
  • 3-Bar Battery Condition indicator
  • Hi/Low Volume + Mute Switch
  • Functions from 2 AA Batteries (About 14 hours) 
  • (Batteries not included)
  • DC Charging Input
  • 8.3 oz. (280g)

TVHH Dynamic Wireless Handheld Mic for Traveler 8 & 10

Galaxy Audio TVHH handheld microphone transmitter for the Traveler series (TV5XTV8, and TV10)

  • 96 Selectable Channels
  • Channel Selector
  • LCD Display
  • Dynamic Capsule
  • Built-in-Antenna
  • 3-Bar Battery Condition indicator
  • Hi/Low Volume + Mute Switch
  • Functions from 2 AA Batteries (About 14 hours) (Batteries not included)
  • DC Charging Input
  • 8.3 oz. (280g)

HS-U3BK Uni Headset

This uni-directional headset comes standard with the ECMPSE, TRC, DHT, DHXCTS, & Traveler Headset Systems. It's comfortable wrap around design goes over both ears and helps ensure that this mic will stay in place. The HS-U3BK uni headset microphone can be wired to work with transmitters made by Galaxy Audio®, Shure®, Sennheiser®, AKG®, and Audio Technica®, as well as most other brands of wireless microphone systems.

  • Uni directional headset microphone
  • Hooks over both ears


This affordable lav mic comes standard with the ECMPSE, TRC, DHT, DHXCTS, & Traveler Lavalier Systems. The LV-U3BK unidirectional lapel microphone works with Galaxy Audio transmitters.

  • Uni-Directional
  • Lapel / Lavalier
  • TA3F Connector

AS-TXRM Stand Alone Wireless Audio Link Transmitter for Traveler 8 & 10

The Audio Link Transmitter will transmit audio signal to any of our Traveler® Series Speakers. It is designed to take a mixed signal and send it to the speakers wirelessly. The AS-TXRM can also act as the mixer; it’s easy with a XLR, 1/4", and RCA inputs between two channels, each having their own volume control. So a microphone, CD player, iPod®, etc can be inserted and transmitted to your speakers. The AS-TXRM can be rack mounted or placed on a table top. 

  • 96 selectable channels
  • LCD display 
  • Channel selector 
  • UHF Frequency
  • RF and AF indicator 
  • Volume control 

Life Saver Sand/Water Bag LSR38

The Galaxy Audio Life Saver is a unique equipment stand stabilizer that may be used in a variety of ways in Audio, Video, Lighting, and Theatre applications. Any mic or speaker stand may become unstable because of a top-heavy center of gravity, a boom extended laterally, or simply because the stand is set on an uneven surface. When filled with Sand or Water the Life Saver provides enough weight at the bottom to stabilize most mic and speaker stand applications. The doughnut shape of the LSR38 ensures that the Life Saver will stay on the base of the stand, even if the stand is pushed or bumped. The LSR38 weighs 38lbs. when filled with sand, and 22lbs. when filled with water. The durable reinforced vinyl material and easy-fill water tight design allow the user to transport the Life Saver empty, and fill with water on location. The LSR38 dimensions are: 16" O.D. x 6" I.D. x 3" Thick. The Life Saver will pay for itself the first time it prevents your expensive mics or speakers from hitting the floor. (Sand/water not included)

  • May be filled with sand or water 
  • Protects mics and speakers from damage
  • Helps keep microphone, speaker and lighting stands upright
  • Sand/Water not included
  • Unique doughnut shape keeps bag on the stand

Saddle Bag Sand/Water Bag SDB40

The Saddle Bag Sand/Water Bag is designed to help improve the stability of speaker, keyboard, mic, lighting stands and many other types of stands. Also great as a boom counterweight. The Saddle Bag is constructed of a durable reinforced vinyl. When filled with sand (not included) the Saddle Bag weighs approximately 45lbs and 28lbs when filled with water. The filled Saddle Bag will help stabilize a top- heavy stand.

Works great on keyboard, speaker, mic, lighting, and many other types of stands.

Great for: bands, churches, theater, broadcast, recording & video production

  • Dual wing design
  • Nylon handle with clip
  • May be filled with sand or water 
  • Helps protect equipment from damage and keeps stands upright and stable

Sand can be acquired at most home improvement centers, concrete supply warehouses, landscaping supply houses or a sand blasting supply company. Tip: Coarse dry commercial sand works best. Use a funnel for faster fills. Equipped with large 1-inch inner diameter plugs for ease of filling.

1. We are not responsible for any damage caused by the use or misuse of the bag. 
2. The water filled bag should not be used near electrical wiring. 
3. Only dry sand should be used in a dry bag. 
4. Water should not be left in the bag for long periods. 
5. Do not subject the bag to freezing weather when filled with water. 
6. The bag is not intended as a flotation device.


Frequency Response 80 Hz–18 kHz
Output/Peak 170 watts @ 4 ohms, 180 watts Dynamic Power
Sensitivity 98 dB 1 Watt @ 1 meter (1 kHz octave band)
Maximum SPL 118 dB
Woofer One Galaxy Audio SW6.5, 6.5" NEOLITE Neodymium Woofer
Tweeter One ST1.5 ferro fluid cooled 1.5" NEOLITE Neodymium Titanium Dome Tweeter
Nominal Impedance 4 ohms
Equalization Three band center detent
Lo ± 12 dB peak/dip at 200 Hz
Mid ± 12 dB peak/dip at 2 kHz
Hi ± 12 dB shelving at 10 kHz
Input Connections Two 1/4" Balanced/Unbalanced Two XLR 24V Phantom PWR One 1/8" Stereo Line In
Output Connections Two XLR Thru Outputs One 1/4" Preamp Output
Controls CH1 & CH2 Level, High Frequency, Mid Frequency, Low Frequency, CH1 & CH2 20 dB Pad, Power Switch
Indicators Power LED, Clip LED & Compressor LED
Protection Short circuit current limiting. Short circuit foldback limiting. Thermal short circuit protection
Power Requirements Domestic: 120VAC~ 60Hz, Export: 230VAC~ 50Hz
Enclosure Materials Fire Retardant Styrene, Integrated Handle
Mounting/Rigging Built-in yoke brackets, built-in mic stand insert
Color Black
Dimensions 7.75" x 11.75" x 6.75" (197 mm x 298 mm x 171 mm)
Weight 6.4 lbs. (2.9 kg)
Oscillation Type PLL synthesized control OSC
Adjustable Frequency Pre-programmed max. 96 switchable channels
T.H.D. Less than 0.5%
Squelch Tone key and noise lock dual-squelch
Frequency Response (Wireless Receiver) 70 Hz ~ 16 kHz (wireless)
Operating Range 160 - 230 feet (50 ~ 70 M) (open field) with built-in antenna
Antenna Mode Diversity
Sensitivity 4µV @ 30 dB
Display Status LCD indicator displays channel or frequency
Channel Select SET, UP, DOWN keys
Carrier Frequency Range 640 ~ 664 MHz
User's Guide ( PDF - 0.42 MB )
Manual ( PDF - 5.31 MB )
Cut Sheet ( PDF - 1.9 MB )
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