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AS-TVTX Transmitter TV10 Module For Transmitting To Multiple Traveler Satellite Speakers



5.0 (1 review)

Transmitter Module for Transmitting to Multiple Traveler Satellite Speakers.
Compatible only with TV10 and older TV8’s (TV8 without the wheels and retractable handle).

  • 96 Selectable Channels
  • Channel Selector
  • Battery Charging Indicator
  • Volume Control
  • LCD Display
  • Easy Aftermarket Installation!
RF Output 10mW
Spurious Emission Less than 250 nW
Display Status LCD indicator displays channel or frequency
Channel Select SET, UP, DOWN, keys
Antenna Built-in

Manual ( PDF - 18.4 MB )

Reviews (1)

1 review for AS-TVTX Transmitter TV10 Module For Transmitting To Multiple Traveler Satellite Speakers

  1. John Strohsnitter

    This is a user installable or factory installed accessory that allows transmission of the “Audio Program Mix” from one of Galaxy Audio’s fantastic Traveler TV8 or TV10 PA systems to any amount of Galaxy Audio Traveler TV5, TV8 or TV10 PAs within 200 ft that contains a TV-RECG (single channel) or TV-DRECG (dual channel) Wireless Mic Receiver with an available channel. The TVTX (and stand-alone TXRM) operates on Galaxy Audio’s “G” Band, 520-544 MHz (UHF TV Channels 22 through 25) under FCC license free Part 15 rules. These can be ordered installed on a new Traveler TV8 or TV10 or can be added to existing TV8 or TV10 units by anyone with a modicum of mechanical and electrical skills. To install these accessories, one needs to remove the “blank” plate for the accessory using a Phillips screwdriver. For the TVTX, you merely need to connect the edge connector to the transmitter and plug in the power switch / battery state indicator. The TV-REC or TV-DREC slide in. Both accessories are secured by Phillips screws. Galaxy Audio’s world-class Tech Support Department is very helpful if you run into issues.

    I have researched the market for wireless AC / Battery powered self-contained PA systems with built in wireless capabilities, and no one, even famous name high-end brands match the wireless capabilities of Galaxy Audio Traveler TV8 and TV10!
    I own 2 8-year-old TV10 units that were purchased heavily used from a live sound rental company and have just purchased a TV8 demo unit. These units still functioned well when purchased, but I disassembled, inspected, made minor repairs and cleaned these units. I have added TV-DRECs and a TVTX to one unit. I am extremely impressed with the quality and flexibility of these units. They are bulletproof!

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