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AS-TV8TX Audio Link Transmitter Module for the Traveler 8



5.0 (1 review)

The AS-TV8TX Audio Link Transmitter module for the TV8 Traveler speaker is designed to send a wireless signal to other TV8 & TV10 speakers equipped with a wireless mic/audio link receiver of the same frequency. This allows for setting up Main and Satellite speakers for even better coverage.

  • 96 Selectable Channels
  • Channel Selector
  • Volume Control
  • LCD Display
  • Easy Aftermarket Installation!
Reviews (1)

1 review for AS-TV8TX Audio Link Transmitter Module for the Traveler 8

  1. John Strohsnitter

    The AS-TVTX (for the Galaxy Audio Traveler TV10), the ASTV8TX (for the Traveler TV8) and the external AS-TXRM are transmitters that can transmit the mixed program from the Traveler PA System (in the case of the TVTX and TV8TX) or any audio source (In the case of the TXRM) to any Traveler PA system that contains a TV-RECG or TV-DRECG. This allows the user to interconnect 2 or more (or many more) traveler PA systems without the need for wires. This allows for rapid deployment without the danger of tripping over wires.

    This is just one more feature that separates the traveler TV10, TV8 an TV5 PAs from almost all of the competition. In addition to wired inputs / outputs, The Traveler TV10 and TV8 can be equipped with up to 4 wireless channels, allowing for 4 Traveler Wireless handheld or bodypack mics. Once the mics, receivers and TVTX Audio Link Transmitters are set up, the settings remain when the units are powered down, (and even with the batteries removed), making field deployment and setup a snap. Once set up, these systems can be operatied by anyone who can find a power switch and volume control.

    I now own 3 of these Traveler units (2 of them bought heavily used from a rental company), , 2 of them with the TVTX modules and all with 1 0r more TV-REC (single) or TV-DREC (dual) Receiver Modules, and I can’t possibly be more impressed with the quality and flexibility of the Galaxy Audio Traveler line.

    Granted, these units are not cheap, but if you buy cheap, you will only be wasting your money. Nothing, other than High End brands comes close to Galaxy Audio’s quality, and nothing I have found, even from the High end companies, matches Galaxy Audio Traveler Units in flexibility!

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