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AS-CK Microphone Kit


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Camera Kits are great for field reporting or anytime live audio/video is recorded or transmitted. Kits include one: handheld (AS-HH5), headset/lav combo (AS-HLC), headset (AS-HS), or lavaliere (AS-LV) and an AS-1000R. The AS-1000R features a line output that allows direct hook up from the AS-1000R to the camera.

  • 64 Selectable Channels
  • Diversity Microphone System
  • Channel Hold
  • Battery Indicator
  • Rechargeable Devices

AS-HH5CK Camera Kit includes:

1 AS-1000R, 1 AS-MBP5, and 1 AS-HH5

AS-HSCK Camera Kit includes:

1 AS-1000R, 1 AS-MBP5, and 1 AS-HS-U3BK

AS-LVCK Camera Kit includes:

1 AS-1000R, 1 AS-MBP5, and 1 AS-LV-U3BK




Plastic case holds up to 5 Body Pack Transmitters and/or Receivers. The foam insert is cut to securely protect each unit.


This affordable lav mic comes standard with the ECMPSE, TRC, DHT, DHXCTS, & Traveler Lavalier Systems. The LV-U3BK unidirectional lapel microphone works with Galaxy Audio transmitters.

  • Uni-Directional
  • Lapel / Lavalier
  • TA3F Connector

HS-U3BK Uni Headset

This uni-directional headset comes standard with the ECMPSE, TRC, DHT, DHXCTS, & Traveler Headset Systems. It's comfortable wrap around design goes over both ears and helps ensure that this mic will stay in place. The HS-U3BK uni headset microphone can be wired to work with transmitters made by Galaxy Audio®, Shure®, Sennheiser®, AKG®, and Audio Technica®, as well as most other brands of wireless microphone systems.

  • Uni directional headset microphone
  • Hooks over both ears
AS-1000R Carrier Frequency Range UHF band 682~698 MHz 64 CH
AS-1000R Oscillator PLL synthesized
AS-1000R Modulation FM
AS-1000R Receiving Mode Single Channel. Diversity
AS-1000R Frequency Stability ±0.005%
AS-1000R S/N ratio >94dB, at 15KHz deviation and 60dBuV antenna input
AS-1000R Power Supply DC 3V(2 x 1.5V AA batteries or rechargeable batteries)
AS-1000R Image and Spurious Rejection 80 dB minimum
AS-1000R Receiving Sensitivity At 5 dBuV over 80 dB S/N ratio Selectivity >50dB
AS-1000R AF Response Headphone 100Hz to 10KHz (±3dB)
AS-1000R Line 100Hz to 10KHz (±3dB)
AS-1000R T.H.D. <1% (at 1KHz)
AS-1000R IF Frequency 1st 56MHz; 2nd 10.7MHz
AS-1000R Dynamic Range >96dB
AS-1000R Audio Output Headphone Stereo output 20mW
AS-1000R Line Stereo output level -10dB
AS-1000R Current Consumption 130mA ± 10mA
AS-1000R Case Bodypack
AS-1000R Dimensions W x H x D 3" x 4.2" x 1.2" (76 c 106 x 29mm)
AS-HH5/AS-MBP5 RF Power Output 10mW
AS-HH5/AS-MBP5 Maximum Deviation 48KHz
AS-HH5/AS-MBP5 Spurious Emission >60dB below carrier frequency
AS-HH5/AS-MBP5 Operating Voltage DC 1.5V x 2AA size dry or rechargeable batteries
AS-HH5/AS-MBP5 Current Consumption 65mA 5mA
AS-HH5 uni-directional electret dynamic
AS-LV / AS-HS uni-directional electret condenser
AS-HLC omni-directional electret condenser

Manual ( PDF - 3.35 MB )

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