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AS-1500 Wireless Microphone System


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The AS-1500 is designed with features for the professional. The body pack receiver is set up for a king. With 100mW of output to the ear buds, the AS-1500R is sure to be plenty loud for any environment. The receiver has a built in EQ boost, an option to turn the limiter On/Off, LCD display, button lock, and L/R balance control.

  • Single Rack Mount Included
  • 300′ Range
  • UHF Frequency
  • 120 Selectable Channels
  • Ear Buds

The Mixed Mono feature allows performers to adjust the balance of the Left and Right audio signals sent from the transmitter right on the body pack. 

With Mixed Mono: 

  • The performers can have their vocals in Input 1 and the band mix in Input 2 and adjust the volume of each independently to create their own personal mix, or
  • You can send two different monitor mixes from the board so each performer can decide which mix they want to hear on their belt pack.

AS-1500T Transmitter

  • Transmits in Stereo or Mono
  • Light Up LCD Display
  • Channel Number and Frequency
  • 120 Selectable Channels
  • XLR/¼” Combo Input
  • AF L/R Indicator
  • Lockmode
  • 10 mW

AS-1500R Receiver

  • Mixed Mono Mode
  • L/R Balance/Pan Control
  • LCD Display
  • Headphone Output Volume Control
  • 3 Bar Battery Life Indicator
  • RF and AF Indicator
  • 100 mW Headphone Output
  • 2 AA Batteries
  • Ear Buds Included
  • Lockmode
  • EQ Boost
  • Limiter On/Off Selector
  • 3.2 oz (90 g)
AS-1500-4 Band Pack System. The 1500 Band Pack Systems makes it easy for any band to Get Personal. The system Includes four receivers and one transmitter. It is designed to get the whole band wireless in one package. The AS-1500-4 will allow a band to send one stereo mix to 4 individuals (additional receivers may be purchased). Additional transmitters may be purchased at a later date to add mixes.


GALAXY AUDIO EB10 PROFESSIONAL DUAL DRIVER EARBUDS: Upgrading your earbuds can be a great improvement to your wireless monitor system or media player. The Galaxy Audio EB10 is a professional dual driver earbud system. It has two built-in transducers and a passive crossover in each ear bud. They provide Hi-Dynamics, Hi-Definition, and Low-Noise to yield accurate audio reproduction. The EB10 has a standard 3.5mm stereo jack, allowing it to be used with any brand of Wireless Personal Monitor or Digital Media Player.

The Galaxy Audio EB10 incorporates dual performance drivers and built-in crossover. The EB10's lightweight ergonomic design assures excellent sound isolation and maximum comfort during periods of extended wear. The EB10 comes with a Silver Plated cable with a Gold Plated connector.  The EB10 has a MAX Power Input of 150mW and a Sensitivity of 120 dB/mW. The EB10 has a cable over 4 feet long and the ear buds weigh 7g (0.25 oz; excluding cable). The EB10 includes zippered carrying case with a cleaning rod and three pairs of Silicon Sleeves (small, medium and large).

  • Professional Dual Driver Earbuds          
  • Allows musicians to monitor their mix with full detail.
  • Design assures excellent sound isolation and maximum comfort during periods of extended wear. 
  • Three different sized pairs of silicon sleeves are provided for best fit and sound isolation. 
  • Nylon Soft Case Included


The EB6 features a single driver delivering full frequency performance. The Galaxy Audio EB6 has a cable over 4 feet long and the earbuds weigh 6g (less than 0.25 oz; excluding cable). The EB6 in-ear wired single driver earphones include a durable plastic carrying case with three pairs of Silicon Sleeves (small, medium and large).

  • Wideband Dyna Driver earbuds reproduce the full frequency range with natural mids, full highs, and rich bass. 
  • They allow musicians to monitor their mix with full detail.
  • Three different sized pairs of silicon sleeves are provided for best fit and sound isolation. 
  • Ergonomic mechanical structure ensures long time, low fatigue use.


The EB3 are the standard Earbuds for the Galaxy Audio Wireless Personal Monitors.  The EB3 includes three pairs of Silicon sleeves (small, medium, and large) for fit and comfortable use.  The EB3 Earbuds have a standard 3.5mm stereo jack, allowing them to be used with any brand of Wireless Personal Monitor or MP3 Player.


FIXED EAR CUP-BLACK Ear cup wraps around ear with 1/8" - 3.5mm Jack.


RUBBER EAR CUP-BLUE Ear cup has rubber to wrap around ear for a more comfortable fit.



OVER EAR CUP Ear cup wraps over and around ear.


SINGLE RACK EAR KIT FOR AS-1500: Center mount. 2 pieces w/ screws 

  • Mounts one 1500 Transmitter
  • Allows for Front Mounting Antenna
  • 1 Rack Space


Replacement BNC Audio Antenna for use with Galaxy Audio Wireless Personal Monitors and Wireless Microphones.

3 Frequencies:

  • Code D 584-607 MHz AS-ANT600B
  • Code N 518-541 MHz AS-ANT525B
  • Code P 470-505 MHz AS-ANT480B

19.69” BNC Cable & Connector Combo

This Includes:
One Wire BNC Connector Cable (Part# CN-BNCPM) and
One 19.69" (50 cm) RG58 Cable (Part# EXTBNC) for front mounting antenna.

Power Supply PS-13.5-.35.5

Microphone power supply for AS-900T, AS-1100T, AS-1400T, VESR, VSCR, ECDR, EDXR, ECMR, PSER, DHTR, & DHXR.

  • 13.5 Volt 300 mA-
  • 5.5 mm PLUG

Universal Power Adaptor AS-UA12-14.5

Universal Power Adaptor. The AS-UA12-14.5 supplies 12V DC at 1000mA to Our Wireless Microphone & Monitor systems such as the DHT, DHX, DHTRQUAD, DHXR4, PSE, ECM, ECD, EDX, AS-900, Galaxy Audio AS-1100 & AS-1800 using the common 5.5mm barrel plug with center positive. The universal AC power adaptor comes with 4 different AC plug adaptors, and will accept any input voltage from 100 to 240v AC, 50-60Hz, which means it will work in nearly every country on the planet.

  • 12V DC 1000mA  
  • 5.5mm PLUG
  • Converts Systems To Accept 230 VAC.



Plastic case holds up to 5 Body Pack Transmitters and/or Receivers. The foam insert is cut to securely protect each unit.

Frequency Range and Transmitter Output Level Band UHF
Frequency Range 655 ~ 679 MHZ
Transmitter Output Level 10dBm
Operating Range Under Typical Conditions 300' (92m)
Note actual range depends on RF signal absorption, reflection, interference, and battery characteristics
Audio Frequency Response +/-3dB 60Hz~16KHz
Total Harmonic Distortion +/-30KHz deviation 1KHz tone <1%
Signal to Noise (at 1 mV and peak deviation) >80dB
Dynamic Range >90dB A-weighted
Operating Temperature Range 14ºF to 122ºF (-10 Cº to +50 Cº)
AS-1500T Max Audio input level +6dBV
AS-1500T Gain Adjustment Range 40dB
AS-1500T Input Impedance 6.8kΩ
AS-1500T Dimensions 1.7" x 7.9" x 3.7" (44mm H x 200mm W x 96mm D)
AS-1500T Weight 21oz. (600 g)
AS-1500T Power Requirements 12-18V dc at 300mA supplied by external power supply
AS-1500T XLR input Impedance balanced
AS-1500T Pin 1 Ground (cable shield)
AS-1500T Pin 2 Audio
AS-1500T Pin 3 No Audio
AS-1500R Audio Output Level 100mW
AS-1500R Sensitivity -94dBm for 30dB
AS-1500R Image Rejection >65dB
AS-1500R Dimensions 3.5" x 2.5" x .9" (90mm H x 64mm W x 23mm D)
AS-1500R Weight 3.2oz (90 g) without batteries
AS-1500R Power Requirements 2 (AA)size alkaline or rechargeable batteries
AS-1500R Battery Life About 5 hours
Manual ( PDF - 1.14 MB )
Cut Sheet ( PDF - 0.25 MB )
Code D & L Frequency Chart ( PDF - 0.09 MB )
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