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About Faith in the Fallen

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James Pape

Lead Guitar

Dan Dobbertin

Rhythm Guitar

Guy Schingoethe

Vocals & Keys

Scott Guzik

Bass Guitar

Charles Bacani

Lead Drummer


Faith in the Fallen’s current lineup (Dan Dobbertin, Scott Guzik, Guy Schingoethe, Charles Bacani, James Pape) has been together since January, 2013.

Faith in the Fallen aspire to be one of the top original rock bands playing in Chicago and a part of a vibrant, supportive rock scene that collectively raises up its community and brings new attention to the incredible wealth of talented Hard Rock and Metal music coming out of Illinois and the Midwest.

For Faith in the Fallen, it’s pretty simple. We want to create inspired, original rock music. Period. We’re five family guys living in Chicago’s south / southwest region with a passion for writing and playing music and finding time in our busy lives to continue rocking. If you live in Chicago and love Hard Rock and Roll—we’re YOUR local band. Turn to the person, next to you—that’s us. We rock for you and because it’s what we love to do. Join us in bringing hard rock back to life in Chicago and Chicagoland’s south side. And make sure we hook up for a beer and shot after the show.

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