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About Rich Morris, The Singing Drummer

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Rich Morris



My name is Rich Morris, and I am a singing drummer.

I’ve been a drummer practically my whole life.  After some years some light touring and some big shows, life got in the way.  Passion was difficult to come by.

Now, years later, I’ve realized its drumming that brings my passion out.  And it gives me a voice.  I’ve always sang from behind the kit.  Now, it is part of the passion – not an afterthought.

I’ve learned and continue to learn.  I’ve taught and hope to teach again.  Come and hang out with me, hear some of the projects I’ve been involved with over the years.  Share your comments.  If I can, I’ll share what I’ve learned and pay it forward.

Above all, follow the passion.

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By Rich Morris, The Singing Drummer
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