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About Dennis Blaze

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The DJ

If there’s one thing that sets Dennis Blaze apart, it’s his ability to mold the crowd with his music selection, beat mixing, and turntablism. Dennis Blaze can read the crowd like no other. You’ll see his head go up and down to check the dancefloor. He has awesome control of the music and the crowd. He builds the night up — not too fast and not too slow. Just enough so when primetime hits, the crowd, the bar, and the club is going bananas. It’s a win-win situation for the club, the promoter, and its patrons when Dennis Blaze is on the turntables.

Dennis Blaze is not a follower. He’s not worried about playlists because he doesn’t use it. His playlist is the dancefloor. The crowd’s reaction dictates his sets. He does not plan for that night. Music selection is done on-the-fly. He mixes, scratches, and gets on the mic to get the crowd involved.

The Remixer
Dennis Blaze is an audio and video remixer. He started doing remixes in 1998 for major and independent labels.

The Producer
Along with DJing and remixing, Dennis Blaze also works (and currently works) with some of the best hiphop, R&B, and reggae artists in music. His passion for producing original tracks has given him the platform to create club bangers and radio heat.

And then there was Stash House
In 2009, Dennis Blaze created an alter ego called, Stash House. The equation for this is FUNK + DISCO + SOULFUL HOUSE = STASH HOUSE. Stash House a unique fusion of soul, jazz, funky breaks, infectious vocals, and heart-pumping percussion. In 2010, Stash House was picked up by an Argentinian record label with worldwide distribution through Amazon, iTunes, and

Equipment Used
By Dennis Blaze
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